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T: (800) 234-6977 Ext. 260
F: (323) 255-0957
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CA License: 0323106
Express Personal Umbrella Online with A&M  
Easy as 1 - 2 - 3
1. Quickly rate your risk using the Express Rater.
2. In order to bind coverage, download the "Express Policy Application", complete and fax the signed copy with a copy of the payment to 323-255-0957, then mail the completed application and payment to Anderson & Murison.* (see footnote). If you don't have an A&M producer code#, include your application from step 3.
3. If you are not already a registered producer of A&M just click on the New Producer Application to become a producer.
Already have a completed application? E-mail the completed application and a copy of the premium check to Personal Umbrella or fax to 323-255-0957
This will get you started; once you are a registered user you'll have access to:
1.  pre-filled applications
2.  push-button submit
3.  online chat
4.  prior quote retrieval
5.  in-force and expiration list
This is a marketing notice only. Nothing contained hereon alters, modifies or changes the actual policy language as may be issued by an insurance carrier.